Monday, September 21, 2009

relief society broadcast.

so there are some of you going up to SLC to be there.
others watching it at the stake center.

but for those of you who aren't able to quite make it to either we are having a re-broadcast 'party' on Saturday at 8:00 pm. they rebroadcast the conference on KBYU. so if you aren't able to make it to the initial viewing, come to Mauri's house...with a treat to share of course :-) (although you can come even if you don't have one I'm sure there will be plenty) and we can all watch it together.

or...if you really liked it the first time, and just want to watch it again you can come over too.

let me know if you are interested!


Sarah said...

That sounds like fun! I may be down for that.

Katie Lane said...

I think it might be fun! I''ll probably be late.

Shari said...

That sounds like a good time! I think I'll join you guys.

Ashley & Matthew Lisonbee said...

Where does she live? I would like to come if I feel good.

Sarah said...

Ashley, give me a call and I'll tell you where she lives.