Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Holidays Ladies

I found this volunteer information and thought I would pass it on! I know a lot of times I want to help this time of year but don't know where to start so....... I thought I would pass on the info!!!
Happy Holidays Ladies
Volunteer Opportunities Sponsored by Riverton Motors
Give the gift of time – Join Riverton Motors over the holidays by donating your volunteer time. Utah Food Bank Services has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for both groups and individuals. Volunteers are a tremendous part of what we do, as we use more volunteer labor than paid staff! A list of volunteer opportunities is available below. Just complete our volunteer application or call (801) 978-2452 and ask to speak to a Volunteer Officer today!
Sort Food and Build Orders
Individuals and groups of up to 60 people are needed to help sort food and build orders at Utah Food Bank Services. Volunteers inspect and sort food and build orders in preparation for shipment to over 240 programs and agencies statewide. This fulfilling work is fast-paced and may require lifting of up to 40 lbs. Flexible shifts are available. Children under 12 are welcome on Monday evenings for “Family Night.” Youth under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per 5 youth for groups and families).
Snow Shoveling
As the temperatures drop and the snow flys we are looking for volunteers to clear away unwanted snow in driveways and walkways for seniors who are too frail and unable to shovel snow themselves. You can adopt a senior for the snow season or help when you can.
Yard Care
We are always on the lookout for volunteers willing to help senior citizens and people with disabilities with yard work, gardening, raking and snow removal. Groups and individuals are also invited to participate in two of our annual events: the “Fall Leaf Haul” and the “Spring Spruce-Up.” Help us rake and bag leaves in the fall and prepare yards for the summer in the spring.
Decorate Food Boxes
We invite you to make a food box extra festive for our clients. Volunteers use colored pencils, crayons and anything else they can think of to spice up the boring cardboard boxes. It is a great opportunity for kids to exhibit their creativity and brighten someone else’s day. This activity can be done offsite, however please call the volunteer coordinator at 887-1234 to confirm we have boxes available in advance.

Call for Donations

Hi Ladies,
If you have donations for the fundraiser boutique I am now starting to collect them. We will be out if town for Thanksgiving so you can bring them now until Wednesday morning, or anytime Sunday. We will be home Sunday afternoon so if we don't answer just leave them on the porch. My goal is to get everything photographed and listed by Monday evening. I will post a link Monday so you can view everything. If you are still working on your items just bring them to me when you can. Thank you!!!


Need to Borrow

I was wondering if anyone owns a carpet cleaner (especially one with an upholstery cleaner attachment). If you have one, I would love to borrow it for a couple days (or just one). Please e-mail me at if you can lend! Thanks!

Brittney Miskin

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Infant Formula

i have 2 8oz cans of formula that we arent using and i was wondering if anyone in the ward would use it. they are just the little sample cans but i figure share rather than throw away. i have: 8 oz enfamil prosobee lipil soy infant formula 8 oz similac isomil advance soy formula
anyone who wants them can just email me at
or just stop by our house.
thanks!! Arianne Duckett

Pampered Chef Party

I am hosting a pampered chef party at my house on Tuesday, November 25th. It starts at 7pm and will be about decadent desserts! YUM! Come stock up your kitchen for your holiday baking, or come get great gift ideas. Everyone is welcome. Please let me know if you would like to come so I can make sure we have enough food. You can call me at 368-8085 or email at 696 W. 1875 S. If you can't make it, but would still like to order something, email me for a catalog. Thanks! Shelley Grose

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missionary or Converts

Hello Ladies,

Missy Torgerson is in need of some assistance with Sundays lesson. She is wanting to get a hold of some sisters that have either served missions or are a convert. If this is you or you know anyone in our ward that is, will you please email Missy @ or comment to this post.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need help making Quilts

I purchased a whole bunch of fabric and batting to make quilts for my parents humanitarian trip to Arizona this year. I am running out of time so if anyone is interested in making a quilt for charity I have all the supplies, I just need people to help sew. I have enough materials for about 30 more quilts. If you are interested in helping give me a call or post a message here and I will contact you. These are super easy quits that are about crib blanket size and can be tied with yarn- nothing fancy! If you don't have a sewing machine I could sew the blanket if you are willing to tie it. This would be a great family home evening with you kids. You could even show them pictures of the kids they blankets will be going to. You can learn more about the humanitarian project here. The blankets need to be done by December 1st. Thanks!


Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm wondering if any of you have an embroidery machine and would be willing to stitch a name on a stocking for me??? I'm just about done with Gavin's Christmas stocking, and I don't really want to hand stitch his name if I can avoid it. Let me know. Leave a comment or email Thanks!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

JoAnn's or Hancock Fabric coupon

If anyone has a coupon for JoAnn's or Hancock Fabric that they aren't using, I need one. I can't find what I've done with mine, and I need it really soon. If you've got one, I'd really appreciate it. Just comment, or e-mail


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ladies, I really need some help here, my 2 year old, Annie has taken to waking up in the middle of the night and screaming.  Sometimes for hours, sometimes multiple times a night.  Nothing will console her, she kicks and she screams.  Very loud and piercing screams.  She's awake, so I don't think she's having nightmares or anything.  If I try to hold her she just kicks at me and arches away.

I'm almost at my wits end...I don't know what to do to help her or make it stop.  Has anyone else had any experience with this?  Does anyone have any soothing tips that might work?  Any advice you might have would be GREATLY appreicated.  Please comment or e mail me at  Thanks so much!


I trying to get some projects done before this baby comes. I was wondering if anyone had any extra fabric laying around that I could take off their hands! I need any cotton or flannel. I can even pay if you weren't not wanting to just give it away. I thought I would just ask around before I went out and bought a bunch of stuff! Let me know, you can e-mail me:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Brittney Miskin and Mauri Brewer are trying to get a group together Tuesday morning at 9am to go have some fun! We were planning to go hit up the free breakfast at IKEA, and then go spend some time at Tai Pan Trading in Sandy (if you haven't been there, you are missing out on some cute home decor!).

The plan is to meet at Brittney Miskin's house at 9am, and try to get up to Ikea by 9:30. Then, after we are done eating (and looking around) we will head to Tai Pan (maybe like 10:30). We can try to car pool as much as possible, and if you really want to come, but don't have a ride we can possibly come pick you up. Just let me us know if you are wanting to come, or need a ride by leaving a comment or calling Brittney Miskin.

And yes, we are bringing children (sigh)...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is the week

Everyone, I'm so's finally come down to the week of the 60 mile walk. From Friday to Sunday, I will be walking about 20 miles a day and camping with all the other walkers. In the 3-day Susan G. Koman walk for the cure. This is more than the race for the cures...the distance is longer and the fundraising goal is higher. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and so this walk as a lot of importance to me. But one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer so this is something that more than likely will affect each and everyone of us in one way or another.
Part of my preparation for the walk included raising money and I am still a little ways away from my goal. Here is where I come to you...I know money is tight for some of us...probably most...but look at your budget and see if you might even be able to donate a few dollars. If we are all able to donate even just a few dollars it would add up fast and we could make a great stride towards finding a cure for breast cancer.
If you are not able to I completely understand...but I want to feel like I am doing my part in this fight. And in addition to donating my money, time and probably the comfort of my feet for a while after the walk I knew I could spread the word and get those who are able to help fight against breast cancer.
you can, click here to donate, if you are able.
and please spread the word to those you know that might be able to help.
I just hope and pray that the money raised can go towards the research that will find a cure so that my children might live in the day were breast cancer can be easily beaten.

thanks for listening to my rambling and for those of you who donate and/or spread the word about raising money for the Susan G. Koman foundation.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Hello ladies,

I was wondering if any of you had any tried and true ways of getting crayon off of the walls.  I've tried those magic erasers but they don't seem to work so wel...

Either leave a comment or e mail me at  Thanks so much!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you hear anything!


I am opening a daycare and would love any referrals, if any, you could pass my way.

Here's the info:
Tadpole Playschool
Where little princes and princesses come to be.
Lehi, Utah