Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roberts Coupons

Hi Ladies

In today's ads/grocery inserts there are some coupons for Roberts 40% & 50% off on the back of the BuyLow Ad good for this week only.

If you aren't planning on using yours, the RS Activities committee would love to have them to help us purchase some supplies for the upcoming Simple Saturday!

If you want to give them to us we'll gladly come and get them!
PLEASE email or call us--Thanks!

Katie (678-296-7535) kathleendiana@gmail.com
Chelsi (208-339-0576) gordnchels@gmail.com

A few things...

Thank you to all of you who have offered to help us with our move.

We are planning to move the BIG items out of the house and over to the new place Thursday evening around 6:30pm. So if your husband is around at that time, we could use his muscles or pickup if you have one ;)

I could use some help with the final cleaning Friday morning around 11am.
Mostly just wiping down walls, base boards, blinds... things like that.
{kids welcome to come and run around}
Thanks so much!!

I also have a Brother printer that we don't need. It prints color perfectly, but for some reason we can't get it to print BLACK. So if you want a free printer and know someone that is handy with that type of stuff you are more than welcome to come and get it :) I have 2 full Black ink cartridges to go with it. {Brother LC51} Anyone is welcome to those too.

We have a few things listed on KSL
Lawn Mower {used about 5 times}
27" TV with remote
Papason Chair
Thanks so much!
We are sad to be leaving the ward, but hope we can still hang out ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Babies born recently......

I have been remiss in getting these posted!! Excuse my tardiness you new mommies (or ones with new babies ...)

Congratulations to:
Tia Rees
Angie Maynes
Jaime Richards

Be sure to check in on them if you get the chance!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm planning on painting my stairwell in the next few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone has a Very Tall ladder I could borrow. My email is splizography@gmail.com. Thanks!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Food Jars/Lids

I can't remember but I believe someone needed baby food lids or jars sometime ago, and so I was just going to post to see if they were still in need of them bc I have quite a few collected and my daughter is still eating about a jar a day so I will keep saving them if they are still needed... Let me know! Thanks! Randi Holmes randiholmes87@yahoo.com

Stake Humanitarian Activity

Our ward is in charge of the Stake Humanitarian Activity for the Month of April. The activity will be held on April 1 from 10 am to Noon. There's something for everyone -- even if you don't know how to sew! We will be tying quilts, making file folder games & fabric balls, and making hair bows.
We need help in the nursery. If 4 ladies can help, then 2 can be in there for each hour of the activity. Please let me know if you can help. Your service is much appreciated!!

Thank you.
Michele Hansen

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We NEED boxes...

We just found out that we are moving in 2 weeks!!
Not going far, but sad to leave the ward.
{Just off of 2300 W on the other side of Lehi Main}

If anyone has boxes they don't need... we'll gladly take them off your hands ;)
Leave a comment, drop em off or give me a call 208-339-0576

Thanks so much!
{1742 S 900 W}

Monday, March 15, 2010

Custom Family Tree Art

You may remember the great family tree that Noelle Newbold brought to the R.S. Service auction last Nov. Well, it caught my eye as it did many of you. We have actually started a business together making these trees for people and offering high quality prints in various sizes as well as putting them on products (like notebooks, mouse pads, tote bags and family reunion T-shirts).

Our website is now up and running at www.CustomFamilyTreeArt.com and many of you have already found us on Facebook! (It feels good to have fans!) So if you would like to have one of these great trees or if you're looking for the perfect gift, check it out! Don't forget to sign up so we can let you know about our next sale and the new products we will be adding.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomato Soup Recipe.

quite a few of you had been asking about the tomato soup I brought to the relief society activity...so I thought I'd just post the recipe on the blog.
it's really easy, and it's from Rachel Ray...maybe it's really easy because it's from Rachel Ray.

2 (15 oz) containers of chicken or vegetable stock/broth (I used the chicken broth)
1 (28 oz) can of crushed tomatoes (I used the italian ones you find right next to the plain canned tomatoes)
1 cup heavy cream
salt and pepper
20 leaves fresh basil for garnish (I blended some up into the soup too)

Combine broth and tomatoes in medium sauce pan over med/high heat. When bubbles start, stir in cream and reduce heat to low. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 15 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Now the recipe says to puree soup with an immersion blender, which I did. But I think it would work to do in a stand up blender too, you might just need to divide the recipe to do it.
And there you have it! Place the basil garnish on top, and serve.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soup Swap

Just a reminder about the R.S. Soup Swap tomorrow night, Thurs. March 11 @ 6:30pm at the church. Bring up to four quarts of soup to swap with other sisters that you can take home and freeze for future meals for your family. Make sure to bring copies of your recipe along to share with the other sisters. There will be prizes given out to the sisters who use the most food storage items in their recipe. Even if you can't bring soup, come and sample all the other soups and enjoy each others company.

Hope to see you there!

YW/YM Service Run

 The Young Men & Young Women are going to be participating in a Service Run on Thursday, March 18th at 7 pm.We need three families to sign up for each job. We will come to your home on the 18th sometime between 7pm and 8pm, so if you sign up, please be sure that you will  be home (we will call and remind you). Please e-mail me at brittles82@msn.com if you would like to sign up. Please tell me which chore you are wanting to sign up for. I will either e-mail you or call you back to let you know if the spot is yours (first come first serve!).

 Here is a list of chores we’d like to do for your family. Each job should take between 5-15 min!

Outside Clean-up   (such as garbage, sticks, etc.)                   


















If you do sign up and then realize you will not be home, please call Brittney Miskin 735-9081 and let us know so we can find another family to fill the spot! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey Ladies,

I just wanted to make you aware of a sponsored giveaway I'm doing on my blog in case anyone is interested.

Check it out HERE

Katie Brown

Monday, March 8, 2010


We had a WONDERFUL time at card group last month we all decided that we want to keep it going by getting together once a month (if that's too much for you, just let us know when you can come). We would still love to have more join. Katie Brown has created an awesome blog showing what we do, dates we are going to meet, and how everything works. The link is: http://showmeyourcards.blogspot.com/ Our next get together is on Tuesday, March 16th (that's next week!) and will be either at Jana's or Mauri's (we had to change plans last minute). There are about 5 of us doing this and like I said, we would still love to have more come! Please respons ASAP if you want to come next week so we all know how many cards to make. Be sure to check out the blog for all the details!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Twins Times 2!!!

I just wanted to make you all aware that we have two sisters in our ward who will be having their twins any day now. One is Jessica Tibbits (first time mom and is having a boy and a girl), and Tia Reese (already has a one a little boy over a year old and her new twins are boys). Jessica is only about 26 weeks along and is on strict bed rest up at the University of Utah due to recent events. They are hoping she can make it to 28 weeks, if not longer. The bishop has asked that we keep the Tibbits in our prayers and pray specifically that the babies will be able to make it to at least 28 weeks. Tia is going in on the 9th to have her babies and has had a good pregnancy. I can't imagine taking care of twins and the cost that goes in to taking care of their basic needs. I felt it would be appropriate to ask everyone that if you have diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. that you don't need or could afford to donate, that would be an awesome thing we can do for these sisters. Please let me know as soon as possible!! Thanx :)

Megan J.

Baby Food

All of this is up for grabs

Luke is way past this stage and it's taking up room in our cupboard

Call me if you wanna come get it.

Katie Brown

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Disney Tickets

I posted previously about the Disney Give a day program. If you are interested but don't want to spend the money of fleece we are in need of people willing to volunteer four hours (doesn't have to be all at once) per ticket voucher to help back and sort donations at my home in a few weeks. If you are interested call e-mail me at middlegrayphotography@gmail.com. You are welcome to bring children to help that are six and up and you would need to register right away to reserve your ticket voucher. Thanks,

Natalie Wright