Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Dental Cleanings

I just wanted to let everyone know (who doesn't ) about what I thought was a wonderful little blessing--especially during these harder economic times we are all dealing with. If you are oh so lucky, like us, and don't have dental insurance (that's affordable at least), and if you scour the mail for coupons for discounted dental cleanings, like me, then this little bit of info might make you happy. The Utah Dental Hygiene Clinic does FREE cleanings, done by students, checked by a REAL dentist. (There is a $5 sterilization fee).
 The Perks: I got free sealants on all my molars, a flouride varnish, and a VERY thorough cleaning, as well as a ton of x-rays, and a cancer screening check. They just saw both of my girls, ages 6 and 3, and were great with them. They both got flouride treatments with their cleanings too. They'll do free sealants on any permanent molars they have too.
The Cons: For adults, it's a LONG visit (mine was 3 1/2 hours). There is also a preliminary visit, to coordinate you with a student who's appropriate.(??) The time is because they do so much stuff, that regular offices skip because of time constraints.
When I made my appt., they told me I couldn't come in until Feb., but that they'd call if anything opened up. We got called the next week, and we were all seen within a month. They also told me that the students can't see anyone under the age of 5, but that is not the case. In fact they need to see children of all ages so they can pass it off. If they won't let you schedule your kids, ask your hygenist if they can see them. (That's how I found out).  Again, you are checked by a real dentist, who will let you know if there is anything you should be aware of.
I was very happy with all of our visits. So if you have the time, it's worth it!
The number is 801-426-0774--and tell them you want to see the students. There is a Dental Clinic with regular dentists, who you can see as well. They offer heavily discounted services, beyond cleanings. They are in Orem, on the west side of the freeway, off the Univ. Parkway exit.

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Z and R Fitz said...

I don't belong in this ward, but my sister does and I noticed it so I thought I would check here to see what it was. What a neat and wonderful idea! I think it's wonderful the way you have put this to use to develop friendships and help each other with their needs and share the wonderful deals you have found. I wonder who I should mention this to in my own ward as a suggestion because I bet something like this would help my own ward.

;) Rachael Fitzgarrald