Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How can we celebrate Yom Kippur?

Craft night at Mauri's house...
October 9th @8pm
Come if you want to scrapbook, knit, cross stitch, chat
or anything else with the ladies...
Just a chance to get together with the girls...
"Catch up night" of sorts...
Let me know if you can make it so we know how many to plan on.
(I just looked at the calendar and noticed it was Yom Kippur.)

Achievement Day Girls Activity...

This Thursday... Oct. 2nd
4 - 5 pm
At Mauri's house

Discovery Gateway

From Megan Ford
A few of us are going to Discovery Gateway on Tues sept 30. We are leaving around 12:15pm. If you would like to meet us up there it would be great. Megan Ford (no kids, just support) Katie Dayton (new baby and 20 month boy) Megan Johnson (new baby), Elizabeth Ott (3 year old and 23 months, i think, both boys), and possibly a few others. We would love to see you. It will be fun to explore and visit.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Anyone Interested In Doing Daycare?

I'm getting really behind on some work, and for the next few weeks would be looking for someone to watch Maddie for maybe 4 hours a day?  It most likely would not be every day, and would really only last a few weeks to help me get caught up.  Email me at sarah@kimmelhome.net if you are interested with how much you would charge.  Thanks!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

we're going to try one more!

the weather is still warm....so lets do it again....
this Tuesday the 30th
in the field on 1950 S 620 W
(Mauri's yard)
at 11:30
bring the kids, a lunch and any pool/water toys you want.
Like always, we'll have a couple pools there.
Let's try and get the biggest turnout of the summer °Ü°

Thursday, September 25, 2008


There is going to be a multi family garage sale this Saturday, the 27th on the corner of 1950 S and 620 W from 8 to 1 ish.
There have been a few people who have commented that they are bringing things to sell...but anyone else is welcome too. Just let me know, so I know to expect you. Everyone will keep the money they make from the sale.
Another option is to donate things you what to get rid of...Mauri is putting the money she makes towards a 3-day walk for the cure, Susan G Koman event that she is participating in. Any donations would be really appreciated so that we might be able to contribute as much money as possible to this great cause. For those of you who don't know, Mauri's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently going through chemo treatment to try and beat it. So this is a very personal thing for her.

let me know if you want to bring things to sell...
or have anything to donate...
OR....if you like garage sales, come on over Saturday and do a little shopping!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Night out with the Ladies...

Enrichment Night was great. There was lots of yummy food to eat...

And lots of getting to know each other...
Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, each other and the food!
Thanks Enrichment Committee for a great night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Primary Ice Cream Party

Saturday, September 20th
10: - 11:30 am
at the church
come play games and eat ice cream.

Enrichment Activity!

Tuesday night @ 6: at the Church
dinner will be served
a nursery is provided
casual dress
and don't forget to bring your bag with something in it that describes who you are...

Halloween Costume Swap

Karen Eggett started a web site where you can lend or swap Halloween costumes for free. You can view costumes that are free, on loan, or put in a request for a specific costume you are looking for.
Go to www.costumeswap.thevillage.com if you are interested!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Those who can...

A few of us have decided that we are going to have a joint yard sale on Saturday, September the 27th and we want to know that all who are interested in being involved are invited...whether you have lots of things you want to bring over and we can make it more of a multi-family yard sale...or if you just like to yard sale shop and want to stop by and take a gander at what we've got out.
And if it motivates you at all...the money that I make is going to go to the Susan G. Koman, Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My mom was diagnosed with, and is currently battling, breast cancer and I would like to be able to donate as much money as I can towards that great foundation...
If you have a few things you want to get rid of and just want to donate to the garage sale too, that would be great.
(If you want to participate though...you are able to keep what you make...I'm not trying to take any one's money °Ü°)
I'm not sure what others have gathered...but we've already got about 8 boxes full of things from home decoration items, fabric, toys, baby clothes, scrapbook supplies and 3 or 4 big items.
So lots to look at!

Achievment Day Girls Activity

We are going to have an activity this
Thursday, September 18th
from 4 - 5 pm
At the little grass field next to
Cami Gardner's house
1029 W 1875 S
Call Hillary Turner
if you have any questions.

ALSO...on Tue. Sept 16th the Relief Society would love to have any girls that can, come to the enrichment activity at the church @ 6:oo pm to help watch the kids in the nursery. (note: this is in addition to our regularly scheduled activity.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Free Trees

I have three dwarf pine junipers that my sister pulled out of her landscaping last week. They look full grown and are under three feet tall. We were going to plant them in our yard but changed our mind so if anyone wants them let me know! They are the ones that smell like little Christmas trees and are really pretty. They need to be planted as soon as possible since they have been living in my garage for several days. Please call me if you are interested- first come first serve!

Jane Austen Book Clubs First Meeting Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone that our first meeting will be at my house this thurs (sept 11) @ 6:30. I will provide a treet !!! Bring your friends or family who would like to have fun with us. Hope to see you all there!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Who Loves Chocolate?

My aunt is coming out to Utah, and she does a new home based business with Dove Chocolate.  I'm not one for having those parties (no one ever seems to come to them when I throw them, plus I'm horrible at sales).  Anyway.... is anyone else interested in having a party for her?  Here is the email I received from her....

I am a chocolatier with Dove Chocolate.  This is a new home-based business.  My website is:  www.dovechocolateathomecom/cathy

As it is very new, especially out in the west, I am helping them by tring to train and recruit new chocolatiers.  I am coming to Lehi, Utah to have a Dove chocolate tasting party on Thursday, September 25th at 7:30pm.  I would love to have another chocolate tasting party lined up for Thursday morning, or afternoon or even Wednesday, September 24th night.  Would you be interested in hosting one?   Do you know anyone who would like to host one, or even look into the business opportunity?


Let me know if you are interested, and I'll forward the info on to my aunt.


behind Mauri's house...
on Tuesday, September 9th.
at 11:30 until the kids get too cranky. °Ü°
Bring lunch and any water activites you may want to bring.
We'll have a couple little swimming pools...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Park Day

I am going to the Loch Lomond Park tomorrow (Wednesday) with my kids and a picnic lunch. I would love to have some company! I will be there around 11am, so meet me there if you can! And, if anyone wants, we could make this a weekly trip, at least until the weather gets cold.