Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yard Swap

It is the end of summer and the things we haven't used should go, right! Well I thought it would be fun on a Sat to set up a YARD SWAP! Then after the YARD SWAP we would just continue on to have a yard sale if you want.

How it works is we would have a time say from 6-8am (or later this is just an example) that we could go around the ward neighborhood and be able to get things that we want for free. You would put a little sign in your yard that said WARD YARD SWAP on it and this way we know which houses are participating. Then from say 8-12 we have signs up around town for a neighborhood yard sale.

I think we should shoot for Aug 30 or Sept 6. I don't think we should wait any longer because the weather is getting colder.

They can contact me Heather Chandler @ 885-7431.
or email me


Heather said...

If we are going to have our yard swap I think we should plan for next sat! If I don't get any calls than we wont do it. So give me a call no later than wed of this comming week which will be sept 3.



Mauri said...

A few of us were planing on doing a yard sale on the 27th...if anyone wants to combine with us...sometimes the "multi family" draws more people.
We are planing on doing it in out the yard behind our house.

Heather said...

where would that be? I a still getting used to the streets around here! I would love to participate but I don't know about dragging my stuff to someone elses house. I will have to think about that more. Thanks for the info!!!!

Mauri said...

on the corner of 1950 S and 650 W