Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jane Austin Book Club

I wanted to get a few girls together to do a Jane Austin Book Club. There are 7 books including Lady Susan and I thought we could get 7 girls and each one choose a book and they would host the review at there house for that book. Maybe supply a fun dessert. It would only last 7 months for the 7 books and we would just pick a day of the month that worked best for everyone.

contact Heather Chandler @ 885-7431.
or email @
if interested...


Heather said...

We should meet in the beginning of Sept. Lets meet at my house Sept 11it is a thrus. at 6:00. We will take as meany girls that want to come! Show up for a meeting just to organize everything and then we will get started on the books! If there is an activity that I don't know about this night will someone let me know and we can change the date. So if I don't post anything then just keep the same time and date.

Heather said...

make that 6:30 sept 11 thanks