Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some good produce info from Heather

I found a place in P.G. where they have tomatoes for 50cents a pound. the number to call is 921-0787 He also has pickling cucumbers. Something I just learned about making your pickles crispy is you have to put Alum/Allum in them. I don't know the right spelling but I was told you could get it at the grocery stores.

You can go to this website it is in Payson and you pick them yourself but what fun!!!!! It is only $2.29 per lb. YUM YUM I see raspberry lemonade in your future!!! Phone number is 465 4284 and they are open from 7am to dusk.

Last one!! Can you tell it is time for canning!!! Anyway these are Peaches. Ready now are the last of the juicy red haven peaches and in about a week the lemon Elberta will be ready. These are 11lb to 12lb boxes costing only $8.50 if you bring your own box/container. Don't worry if you don't have your own container you only save .50cents having one. These are in Orem and his number is 225-3744

Also, you don't have to buy big amonts!!! The reason for the phone number on all of them except the raspberries is you need to call ahead and tell them what you want and when you will pick them up they are all family farms and great people!!!

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