Friday, September 23, 2011

Couch for Sale

I am selling this LARGE couch and thought I'd let you all know first.

90 inches long
33.5 inches tall
42 inches deep

It's very comfortable and in good shape and CLEAN. 

The only major flaw is this part sticking out on the back corner.  It's in the back, so easy to hide, but it will scratch your wall if not careful.  You could probably pound it back into place with a hammer?
I'm selling it on ksl for $100.  Let me know if interested.

Jamie Richards

I also plan to sell the following items.  If you are interested in any, email me and I will get you more info/pictures (I'm just being lazy right now!)
*mahogany colored end table with drawer. 
*Large solid wood pine dresser and matching mirror.  10 drawer.  All are there, I just didn't have them in when I took the picture.
*Kids shopping cart with the boxes of food.  Never been used.  Metal.
*Set of 3 nesting tables. 
*Massage chair.  Partly works.  Would have to put a little $ into it to make it 100%. 
*I don't know what to call it, but I stuck it in Mia's closet and it was perfect for a closet organizer.  took up almost the entire closet space.  I removed the door on left, and put baskets on the shelves.  Still have the door and all parts.  Clothes rod is one we added, so it could easily be removed.  top drawer is missing, but I was thinking of making a shelf in that spot?  
*White shelf

*Automatic floor cleaner.  Has a dry mop/dust or wet mop functions.  Works on all hard floor types (not carpet)  Only used for 3 months.  I love it...but it doens't work on the slate floors in my new house :(

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