Monday, November 22, 2010

FREE healthy eating classes for you and your kids!!!

Hi Ladies,
After searching all over for the healthiest food for Dylan and Preslee I was lucky to find this product I am in love with this line of products!!! I contacted their headquarters and long story short they asked if I wanted to spread the word to other moms. I couldn't pass up the offer, so..... I am going to be holding regular play groups where you can come and bring your kids and learn about these products. I am NOT trying to sell you anything! I will just do classes for you and your kids. Things like read stories on healthy eating, make fun crafts and do cooking demonstrations using their products. And even better I have great coupons and will do raffles to share with you some of their products! Check out their website I promise you will love everything they have to offer. If you are interested let me know and I will make sure to invite you. I am looking to do my first class next week so let me know what dates and times work best for you! Feel free to spread the word and invite other friends!!!

Tasha Dunbar

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