Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Costumue Swap...Anyone??

I think I remember that some of you ladies swapped Halloween costumes for the kids last year and I am interested to see if anyone wants to do it this year. For all you new moms, I have a 0-3 month giraffe costume from the Gap (adorable!!) that Mckay wore last year. Anyone is welcome to use it. I'm looking for an elephant costume for Mckay this year (apparently I like jungle animals). I remember seeing one a few years ago where the trunk comes out below the chin--it was adorable! I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask to see if anyone has that one or any other cute customes 12-18 months. I'm looking online as well. As usual, let me know!!

Megan J.


Michele said...

I don't have an elephant costume, but I do have a tiger costume (size 18 months) that you are welcome to borrow if you'd like. It's only been used once -- Rylan a couple of years ago. Let me know!
-Michele Hansen

Maggie & Grant said...

I don't have an elephant but I have a Lion from the childrens place that Troy wore I think it's a size 9-12 but I'ts pretty big if you would like to see or try give me a call.