Monday, April 20, 2009

It's ON!!!

The first pool party of the year! With Wednesday temperatures predicted to be 80° it has been officially decided that we have got to do a pool party!!
So here's the drill for those who haven't been before...
Who ever has any...brings the little pools for the kids and and water toys you want.
Also we'll do it at noon, so bring a lunch. We eat, talk and sit in the sun while the kids play in the water...and we do it until the kids get too cranky and we have to split :)

So Wednesday @ 12
Mauri's backyard...
(let me know if you don't know where I live)
bring water toys and a lunch...
also you kids and sun screen.
And spread the word, since it's so last minute not everyone will see the blog...
and EVERYONE'S invited!
See you there!

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Amanda said...

:( I'll miss you guys :(