Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt options....

* the polls are now closed, and a decision has been made based on the votes...and the weather.
the easter egg hunt will be tuesday, the 7th at the Loch Lomond Park at 12 pm. bring a picnic too.
bring 10 eggs per child participating to Mauri's house by 11am on Tuesday. Then the eggs will already be placed when you come to the park at 12.
(also if you want to bring a fun easter activity for the kids ... just a thought)
...and Brittney your parents are invited :) *

ok, Tuesday isn't working out for some so here's the question - for those of you wanting to participate. The weather for Thursday isn't supposed to be stormy but it will only be 53 ° and the other days are all stormy. SO we can do it Thursday, just make sure the kids are bundled or I am willing to have it here at my house on another day, we just might be a little cozy. Or keep it on Tuesday.
What are everyones thoughts?? Days, times, locations??


Natalie said...

Tuesday works for us and is suppose to be a lovely day...

jamie said...

Yeah! Glad you kept it Tues. We'll be there and can't wait for an afternoon in the SUN! Thanks for getting this organized!