Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoever can come...

I am hosting a Scentsy party on Wednesday August 6th from 7pm-9pm. Click here to find out more about the scentsy product if you are not familiar with them. (They are wonderful!)

I will be delivering some reminders this weekend, however if you do not get one and would still like to come over, please do. EVERYONE is welcome to come. So if you are in the neighborhood and would like to stop by for an enjoyable evening along with some yummy treats and good company, then stop by.
All product is 10% off!!! We will also have inventory here, so unless you all want to buy the same should be able to bring it home with you!!! Yeah!!!
Please leave me a comment if you have any question. I will check back often. (Also if you need to bring your kids that will be fine too.)

1 comment:

Mauri said...

Debbie, are you a Sentcy consultant?