Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's Do A Girls Night!

OK, I will be in desperate need of a Girl's Night on Friday (Aug. 1st). So let's do it. I'll put a poll on the blog, or just make a comment as to whether you want a Girl's Night OUT or a Girl's Night In. Let me know which you would prefer and if you are coming. I'd like to have the details nailed down by Thursday (If we do a night out, I'd need to find a babysitter). Anyway, let me know... My home phone is working again, but there is no answering machine (for those who don't know, my actual physical phone broke, so I just bought a cheap one at Target yesterday to make sure it was the phone and not the line, so there is no answering machine on the cheap phone) I Can't WAIT!


Debbie said...

Sarah,I know that a bunch of us are going out to eat and then going to B&N for the new Twilight book. You would be more than welcome to come if you want.

Let me know if anyone wants details and I will post them.

the Organized Mom said...

Oh is that this Friday? I'm not intersted but thanks!

Amanda said...

I have to work Friday nights :(