Saturday, July 26, 2008

Need Help???

If you've made it this far, but aren't sure what to do next, please ask someone in our ward. We want everyone to be able to benefit from this blog. If you feel you don't know much about blogging and would like a little help, JUST ASK!!! It may seem a little overwhelming to some of you, but believe me...If I can do it (and I am very technologically challenged!!!), anyone can :) And if you are reading this and know of someone who could use help, go help them and get them involved in this. Spread the word to your visiting teachers and neighbors this next month so that everyone will know!

Some people to ask for help (and they don't know I'm listing their names; I'm just listing people who I know have personal blogs, so I know they know what to do and could help. And I'm sure they won't mind!): Mauri Brewer, Jamie Richards, Sarah Kimmel, Brittney Miskin, Natalie Wright, Shari Schemp, Jenn Davis, Jenny Lynes.

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