Saturday, October 29, 2011

Help the Single Moms

Through my blog, I was invited down to BYU yesterday to discuss a social media push that LDS Philanthropies is doing for the month of November. LDS Business College has a scholarship program for single mothers to help them go back to school, and not have to worry about books and tuition while they try and support their family and further their education to BETTER support their family.

 The scholarship program is currently out of money, so they called in some bloggers to help them get the word out about their November initiative. Their goal is to raise $7,200 which will send ONE single mother all the way through school. As bloggers we told them they set their sights way too low, and OUR goal is to send 45! My sister and I have already donated, and we encourage everyone else to do the same. Even if all you can manage is $5.00. If everyone donated $5.00 we would definitely meet and perhaps even exceed our goal.

 Please join me in this effort, place the long widget on your sidebar in your own blogs, write a post and put the big widget within the post. All you have to do is click the share button, then click "copy to clipboard" and paste the code into the "HTML" of your blog post, or into a sidebar text/HTML widget. I have placed an easy to use "Add to Blogger" button to the sidebar widget.  If you have a blog on blogspot you can simply click the "Add to Blogger" button under the sidebar widget to add it to your own blog.  I can help you if you don't know how to do it, just shoot me a text or email me at Blessing the life of someone who is already struggling can be really easy!

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