Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Cosmotologist Information

My sister is going to be graduating from Taylor Andrews Hair Academy within the next couple months and is currently looking for a career in hair design after her schooling. She has some great business ideas and is in thought of going into business with a photographer to do hair, make up, etc before the photography sessions. Could be used for Weddings, Senior Pics, Family Pics, anything actually... If anyone is or knows of a photographer that might be interested in a possible partnership or if anyone knows of anyone in need of a new hairstylist or job opportunity in the area let me know! Thanks!

Randi Holmes

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Miriam said...

theres a site called
it connects photographers, stylists and aspiring models/actors for potential shoots. It also posts ads from employers looking for any of those things. I personally know of lots of rookies who started their portfolios here and are now successful because they learned to network through this site. They also have loyal clients. Always be careful and use good judgement.
good luck.