Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beginning a Preschool Coop

In September a few friends are beginning a preschool coop that will rotate to a different house each week. My daughter Amery was in one last year and had a really good experience with five other girls. Many of them are doing real preschool this year and so Amery and I are looking for some more kids to fill the gaps. We want a total of 6 kids (boys or girls) who are at least four years old. We know of two other kids who will be coming, leaving us looking for 3 more. This coop would have the kids come to your house two days a week for about two hours. Then the next week they'd go to another house. And so on until everyone gets a turn and it begins again. We have fun themes planned that you can base your time on (things like seasons, music, fish) and a detailed schedule that is easy to follow (thanks to Jamie doing all this hard work last year). We'll be going on fieldtrips, too. If you're interested or have any questions, please call Cara Cazier at 801.341.5106. We know not everyone reads this blog, so if you know someone in this area who's interested, please feel free to let them know about this and pass on my name and phone number. I'm excited to do this again. It'll be fun.

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