Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fresh Strawberry Jam for a Job Interview!

Real Estate is tough right now and my husband really needs a job.
I've got a fresh jar of homemade Strawberry Jam for anyone who can get Travis a job interview.
I picked the strawberries today! Yum!
Travis has 4 years of sales experience and also spent a decade or more doing computer technical support (up to a global level) and landscaping as a crew manager. He doesn't have any degrees, but he is great with people and has a mind like a steel trap. He learns quickly and is great with numbers. He also has many artistic skills and loves to work with wood, animals and anything to do with hunting. He isn't picky about what kind of job, he just needs a chance to get an interview.
Who do you know that may be hiring? There's a jar of jam in it for you! ;)
Call Travis Eggett (801) 361-4227

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