Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few things...

Thank you to all of you who have offered to help us with our move.

We are planning to move the BIG items out of the house and over to the new place Thursday evening around 6:30pm. So if your husband is around at that time, we could use his muscles or pickup if you have one ;)

I could use some help with the final cleaning Friday morning around 11am.
Mostly just wiping down walls, base boards, blinds... things like that.
{kids welcome to come and run around}
Thanks so much!!

I also have a Brother printer that we don't need. It prints color perfectly, but for some reason we can't get it to print BLACK. So if you want a free printer and know someone that is handy with that type of stuff you are more than welcome to come and get it :) I have 2 full Black ink cartridges to go with it. {Brother LC51} Anyone is welcome to those too.

We have a few things listed on KSL
Lawn Mower {used about 5 times}
27" TV with remote
Papason Chair
Thanks so much!
We are sad to be leaving the ward, but hope we can still hang out ;)

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