Friday, January 29, 2010

Service Auction Reminder...

Remember our awesome service auction/breakfast we had in November?
Do you vaguely remember that you auctioned a service and don't have a clue who "bought" it?
Ya, that was me...until that person reminded me that I owed her dinner. DUH!
Was I offended or put off that she reminded me? Of course NOT! I had completely forgotten (I'd like to blame it on my pregnant brain, but let's be honest - prego or not, I would have forgotten. That's just life!). Was I extremely grateful that she reminded me so that I could provide that service for her? Definitely!
My point?
The activity was great, we had a lot of fun and if you "bought" something and haven't received that service yet, please kindly remind that person. As a committee maybe we should have done a better job at keeping track of who "purchased" what...but we didn't. Sorry. So now it is up to you!
If you do owe someone and you do remember (props to you for being able to remember 2+ months back) but more importantly - please get in touch with that person and do some service! If you bid on an item, won it, and have yet to receive it, chances are that person (like me) has completely forgotten and would be grateful for you to remind them!


jamie said...

ps - if you truly are not comfortable reminding someone, let me know and I will gladly remind them for you :)

Mauri said...

jamie...i think you donated 100 hours of babysitting and I bought it, right?!

Mauri said...
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Sarah Kimmel said...

YES! I don't even know who bought my computer support service. I wasn't able to make it to the activity, but I'd LOVE to do the service!!!

Clark6 said...

Sarah, I bought your computer service and actually haven't forgotten but haven't had a good time slot. I will call you and figure out a good time since my computer is begging to be fixed. Kirstine Clark