Monday, January 25, 2010


For all of those who want to participate in the card group, here are the finalized details: We will get together at my house on Tuesday, February 9th @ 7:00. There are 9 of us in the group and I would suggest to make an even 10 cards to bring and share. We are doing Valentine cards and everyone needs to bring their favorite craft tool to tell us about. Please bring a treat or appetizer to share (and keep it simple). For those of you who haven't heard about this yet either on this blog or on facebook, if you desperately want to join the group this time, let me know ASAP!! Can't wait! For clarification, the people wanting to participate are: Jana, Natalie W., Katie D., Katie B., Mauri, Cara, Chelsea W., me, and I have a friend not in our ward who wants to come. Thanks!


David and Jana said...

I am excited!

Bwad Pwofo said...

I would love to do this... but can't this time. I'll be out of town during that time. Are you going to be doing this once a month? Anyway, just let me know. I'm interested in it for the future.
Stefanie Plothow