Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boutique Update

Okay slight change of plans for the fundraiser boutique! We are still on, but instead of doing it at my house I am going to do it online on Etsy. My very smart husband helped me realize if I start hanging up signs all over and passing around fliers in releif society I am going to embarrass my very good friend who is already being a very good sport about me doing this for her. So... I am going to open an Etsy shop that will list all the donated items from December 1st to the end of year. This will actually be better since the items will be viewed for longer and people can forward the listings to friends and family to help us get more support.
If you offered to make a craft item keep crafting. Your dealine is now the first of December to either bring me the item or e-mail me a photograph of it. At the end of December if your item doesn't sell I will return it to you, or you can donate it to the family. If you were planning on making a baked item, sorry, it just won't work, but kudos to you anyway!
Thank you to all who offered to help with fliers. I don't need you to do that now but use that time and energy to promote the store online and do some shopping!
Watch for a post from me towards end of November. I will post a link to the shop and instructions on how to purchase/pick up items.
Any questions convo me!

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Sarah said...

if you create a 150x150 ad for the etsy store I'll put it up on Glitter gone bad and on Organized mom. :)