Saturday, September 13, 2008

Those who can...

A few of us have decided that we are going to have a joint yard sale on Saturday, September the 27th and we want to know that all who are interested in being involved are invited...whether you have lots of things you want to bring over and we can make it more of a multi-family yard sale...or if you just like to yard sale shop and want to stop by and take a gander at what we've got out.
And if it motivates you at all...the money that I make is going to go to the Susan G. Koman, Breast Cancer Research Foundation. My mom was diagnosed with, and is currently battling, breast cancer and I would like to be able to donate as much money as I can towards that great foundation...
If you have a few things you want to get rid of and just want to donate to the garage sale too, that would be great.
(If you want to participate are able to keep what you make...I'm not trying to take any one's money °Ü°)
I'm not sure what others have gathered...but we've already got about 8 boxes full of things from home decoration items, fabric, toys, baby clothes, scrapbook supplies and 3 or 4 big items.
So lots to look at!

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