Monday, September 29, 2008

Anyone Interested In Doing Daycare?

I'm getting really behind on some work, and for the next few weeks would be looking for someone to watch Maddie for maybe 4 hours a day?  It most likely would not be every day, and would really only last a few weeks to help me get caught up.  Email me at if you are interested with how much you would charge.  Thanks!


Megan & Trever Ford said...

I am not sure the email of how to post on here. But a few of us are going to Discovery Gateway on Tues sept 30. We are leaving around 12:15pm. If you would like to meet us up there it would be great. Megan Ford (no kids, just support) Katie Dayton (new baby and 20 month boy) Megan Johnson (new baby), Elizabeth Ott (3 year old and 23 months, i think, both boys), and possibly a few others. We would love to see you. It will be fun to explore and visit.

Heather said...

Were you able to find some help? Let me know if you still need someone!