Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From President Randy Lefler

From President Randy Lefler:

I would like to press this week and ask all our indexers/arbitrators to focus our efforts, and see if we can get to One Million by next Sunday?  Easter Sunday would be a memorable Day for all of us to celebrate such a wonderful achievement as a stake family.  Will you send this plea out to all those who are signed up to index/arbitrate??  I know at the first of the year we were doing 120,000 to 130,000 per week, and now we have even more indexers/arbitrators, I know we can do it!!!  Let’s send out the call to finish this goal by Easter Sunday. 158,000 names indexed and/or arbitrated by next Sunday.  It will take all of our best efforts to accomplish it.  We can do it.  Please help spread the word as fast as possible to your organizations, families and fellow indexers by all the means we have at our disposal, emails, call trees, word of mouth, facebook, twitter, and then lets all get indexing/arbitrating.  One Million by Easter Sunday, a great way to celebrate such a Holy Day!
Warmest regards,
Pres. Lefler

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