Thursday, February 23, 2012

Building our Food Storage

I'm throwing a Shelf Reliance party! Thursday March 8 @ 7pm.

I love working on food storage, but it's so hard! I have my grain, my flour. I have fruit and soup cans, but I have to rotate it every couple years. It's becoming quite a hassle! And what a waste to store all that food and have to throw it out because it has spoiled! I'm really lacking GOOD food!

I went to this awesome Shelf Reliance party, and learned all about their food. I was way impressed! They have the things that I didn't know how to store, and it lasts for 25 years! And it tastes GOOD! Some of my favorites...fruits, yogurt bites, ground beef, chicken pieces, grated cheese, ice cream!

They even have a program called the Q. You pick out all the food you would ideally want in your food storage (customize it for you!), and you tell it how much you want to spend a month! They then automatically send you that amount of food per month...easy! Or if you want to be more involved, you edit your Q every month and you can buy just the items that are on sale, or things
you really want now!

I was so impressed, I'm throwing a party! I'm so very excited about having food storage that lasts 25 years. I can throw it in my storage, and not worry about it! Delicious food, even!

Please come, try out some samples so you can see how yummy it is, too! You also get party pricing that's better than the retail prices. If you can't come, I can give you an order form so you can still get the party prices (or you can call).

Thursday, March 8
654 W 1675 S, Lehi
Feel free to bring your spouse, they'll have to eat it, too!

Please RSVP so we have enough samples.
rbmyntti at yahoo dot com

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