Monday, September 13, 2010


So this is random, but I've been trying to keep an eye out for good prices on raspberries because I want to do some jam. Usually I've found them by now. My brain is a little scattered getting ready for the baby and all so I'm calling on you guys to let me know if you see any good deals or have places you would recommend going to get them. Again, random, but that's why I love this blog! :)

Megan J.


Michele said...

Have you tried Costco? They usually have good deals on produce, and their produce is good quality.

Aaron and Megan said...

There is a place in Payson (west mountain) that you can go to and pick your own raspberries. They are yummy and way cheaper that buying them in the stores. I am not positive on the price but if you want more info I can get it for you. It would be a fun activity for your husband and little boy to do as well!