Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Tree?

[update] Thanks, ladies, we got what we needed!

Hey ladies,

Does anyone have an artificial tree they aren't using this year? Like maybe you are getting a real tree and so you aren't planning on using the fake one you have in storage? Or maybe you just have an extra tree?

My hubby and I weren't going to do a Christmas tree this year because we're going to Georgia, but then decided it would be lame not to. However, we don't want to buy a real one again and we'd rather wait until after Christmas to buy an artificial tree for next year. So we were hoping someone out there has a fake one we could borrow. (one that is between 7 to 8 ft tall).

If you do I'll make you an apple pie as a thank you!
Comment or email me at or call me (678)-296-7535

Katie Brown
(picture from last year)

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