Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Pancake Breakfast

This is a little last minute but a few of us are wanting to pull together a pancake breakfast for the 4th of July.
9:30 AM
Saturday, July 4th
The Brewer's back grass. ( 1950 S 620 W )

We are wanting to get a count of how many people might be interested and what people might be able to bring.We'll be needing drinks, sides (bacon or sausage or eggs) probably paper plates/cups/silverware, and tables... or anything else you think might be great for a 4th of July breakfast...

Please contact Sarah and let her know if you are interested and if you are able to bring anything.

If you're wanting to come, but haven't contacted Sarah that is still ok...please come, and just bring a side dish to share. We want to get a big group together!


Mauri said...

We can make it!! SOOO excited!!! We'll bring plates, napkins, and fruit to share...also we've got tables, chairs, and a bbq if needed.

jamie said...

We're in...we'll bring 2 LARGE apple juices, syrup and a griddle to be placed on the BBQ. I think we may also have a lot of plastic forks.

Brittney said...

I am coming, I am bringing bacon and plastic cups